Goods (excluding arms) admitted free of tariffs from developing countries (% total merchandise imports excluding arms)

Source: Millennium Development Goals
Description: It is the proportion of duty free imports (excluding arms) into developed countries from developing and least developed countries. For the purpose of calculating this indicator, Japan in Asia, Canada and the United States in North America, Australia and New Zealand in Oceania and Iceland, Norway, Switzerland and the EU (25 countries included since 2004) in Europe are considered “developed” regions or areas, following the common accepted practice used for MDG indicators. Developing countries are those not listed as developed or transition countries. The list of least developed countries (LDCs) has been agreed by the General Assembly, on the recommendation of the Committee for Development Policy, Economic and Social Council.
Organization: United Nations Conference on Trade and Development, World Trade Organization, and International Trade Center. Data are available online at:
Topic: Millenium development goals

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Data source: World Bank