Status under enhanced HIPC initiative

Source: Millennium Development Goals
Description: Indicator shows the status of heavily indebted poor countries country under the enhanced HIPC initiative. Heavily indebted poor countries reach HIPC decision point if they have a track record of macroeconomic stability, have prepared an Interim Poverty Reduction Strategy through a participatory process, and have cleared or reached an agreement on a process to clear, the outstanding arrears to multilateral creditors. The amount of debt relief necessary to bring countries’ debt indicators to HIPC thresholds is calculated, and countries begin receiving debt relief. Heavily indebted poor countries reach HIPC completion point if they maintain macroeconomic stability under a Poverty Reduction and Growth Facility (PRGF) supported program, carry out key structural and social reforms agreed on at the decision point, and implement satisfactorily Poverty Reduction Strategy for one year. Debt relief is then provided irrevocably by the country’s creditors.
Organization: World Bank, Economic Policy and Debt Department.
Topic: Millenium development goals

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Data source: World Bank