Bilateral, sector-allocable ODA to basic social services (% of bilateral ODA commitments)

Source: Millennium Development Goals
Description: Bilateral official development assistance (ODA) commitments are firm obligations, expressed in writing and backed by the necessary funds, undertaken by official bilateral donors to provide specified assistance to a recipient country or a multilateral organization. Bilateral commitments are recorded in the full amount of expected transfer, irrespective of the time required for completing disbursements. Total sector-allocable aid is the sum of aid that can be assigned to specific sectors or multisector activities. Basic social services consists of, primary education, basic life skills for youth and adults and early childhood education, basic health care, basic health infrastructure, basic nutrition, infectious disease control, health education and health personnel development, population policy and administrative management, reproductive health care, family planning, sexually transmitted disease (STD) control including HIV/AIDS, personnel development (population & reproductive health), basic drinking water supply and basic sanitation, and multi-sector aid for basic social services.
Organization: Development Assistance Committee of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, Geographical Distribution of Financial Flows to Developing Countries, Development Co-operation Report, a
Topic: Millenium development goals

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Data source: World Bank